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Vic Mensa response with Empathy

Vic Mensa Empathy mp3. When Vic Mensa teap XXXTentacion during his BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher, individuals were shocked. A significant number of X’s companions rushed to upbraid the Chicago rapper, particularly considering the late craftsman’s mom was in participation at the show. It was viewed as insolent, tacky, and ailing in sympathy. Vic Mensa Empathy 

Vic appears to understand that he committed an error, noticing that he’s as yet chipping away at himself after individuals began to turn on him. As a reaction to the debate that he’s currently a focal part of, Vic has dropped another melody titled “Compassion” where he talks on the circumstance and does his best to comprehend where individuals are originating from. Vic Mensa response

Obviously, individuals will in any case be furious about what he said. Many concur that he crossed a line when he referenced X in his section at the BET Awards however in any event he’s endeavoring to make things right. “Got a propensity to make a ton of adversaries,” says Vic to begin off the tune. He likewise addresses a few different points, including a sentimental relationship he has back home. Vic Mensa Empathy audio

In the wake of tuning in to “Sympathy,” have your considerations about Vic Mensa’s remarks changed at all are would you say you are as yet repping the “Fuck Vic Mensa” development?

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