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Blaze’s Dancehall
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The Blaze, the pair of French cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric, emerge for an exceptionally specific reason. They’re producers and additionally makers, and their woozily ravishing recordings for tracks like “An area” and “Paradise” play out as shockingly melodious and moving smaller than normal motion pictures. Some portion of me wishes they’d sideline their music vocation and make a film. In any case, rather, they made a collection. What’s more, that is great, as well.

The Blaze make warm and warmed downtempo move music — the kind of thing that, heard on earphones, can transform your ordinary surroundings into something clearing and realistic. That is the state of mind they take advantage of on Dancehall, their presentation collection. It’s dazzling and pondering, and it works better to contemplate the manner in which sunbeams travel through tree limbs than it improves the situation really moving.

Furthermore, alongside the collection Dancehall, they’ve additionally turned out with another video for their track “Rulers,” one that is stunningly loaded with elation and trouble and life. Underneath, stream the collection and look at the “Rulers” video.

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Download Blaze’s Dancehall Album


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