Paul McCartney – Egypt Station

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Paul McCartney – Egypt Station Album

Paul McCartney brought out a new hot track called “Egypt Station”, stream and download the full album below..

Paul McCartney’s accumulated discography is among the most impressive in pop. But as he’s demonstrated in recent years—his collaborations with Dave Grohl as well as Kanye West and Rihanna, his marathon live shows—the former Beatle and forever member of rock’s highest echelons has little interest in being content with his amassed achievements. Egypt Station, the 76-year-old legend’s 16th solo album (and first since 2013), puts McCartney’s boundless curiosity on loving display, balancing instantly hummable ditties with intrepid rock explorations.


  1.  Opening Station 
  2.  I Don’t Know 
  3.  Come On To Me 
  4.  Happy With You 
  5.  Who Cares 
  6.  Fuh You 
  7.  Confidante 
  8.  People Want Peace 
  9.  Hand In Hand 
  10.  Dominoes 
  11.  Back In Brazil 
  12.  Do It Now 
  13.  Caesar Rock 
  14.  Despite Repeated Warnings 
  15.  Station II 
  16.  Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link 


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