Lil B – Options (Album)

Computer Hope

Download Lil B – Options Album

After releasing the long awaited Platinum Flame mixtape earlier this year, Lil B delivered a surprise project for fans called Options. download Lil B Options Album.

Options by Lil B Laced with 34 tracks in total, 13 of which feature his alter-ego The BasedGod, the project contains the Metro Boomin-produced collab “My House,” along with other song titles like “Drank On Your Lean,” “Jumanji,” & “G Eazy” to name a few. download Lil B Options mixtape

Available now on iTunes, fans can stream the new project in its entirety via Apple Music. Hit play and let us know what you think.


Computer Hope

1. Standing Ova Intro (feat. The Basedgod)
2. Drank on Your Lean (feat. The Basedgod)
3. 4 The Paper
4. Bounce 4 Dem Hunedz
5. Hot Girl
6. Skreet Nigga
7. Shake It Move It (feat. The Basedgod)
8. Ycfmb
9. BasedGod Ish
10. Based Race
11. This Is the BasedGod
12. I Got Options Which Way
13. Jumanji (feat. The Basedgod)
14. Im on a Mission (feat. The Basedgod)
15. Lifes a Journey (feat. The Basedgod)
16. Return of the Mac
17. By Any Means
18. G Eazy (feat. The Basedgod)
19. Run Them Bandz Up (feat. The Basedgod)
20. Stand Down
21. Come Upstairs Interlude
22. Money in My Spirit Ouu
23. Coming up Everyday
24. Real Vibes (feat. The Basedgod)
25. My Shoes On
26. Light Work
27. Respect Us
28. Facetime Remix
29. Dolla for Dolla
30. Cashing Out (feat. The Basedgod)
31. Ballerina Based Freestyle (feat. The Basedgo)
32. 420 Anthem (feat. The Basedgod)
33. Yeah
34. My House (feat. The Basedgod)

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