Bas – Barack Obama Special (Milky Way)

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Barack Obama Special by Bas mp3

Bas speaks to individuals in the same way in-which  Obama addressed his nation. the book Milky Way is like a captivating book poised to read at the beach. “Barack Obama Special” is like the underlying message of said book, a book that aptly describes the scene you just fled. bas new song about barack obama.

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Quotable Lyrics:
[Verse 1]
I had to move ’cause neighbors so racist
My new crib fly though (sheesh)
Lookin’ like the 4th of July though(fiends)
Lookin’ like a frosted Gelato
Cool as a chill, Navy Seal nigga (pff, pff)
How does the hills on a field nigga
Puttin’ in work, fuck how you feel
Buy my family trips, fuck value meals
Only lie to police, I ain’t tyin’ your leash
I higher motives, fuck lyin’ still, I am on a whole ‘nother level
Got up out the street, ran up in the industry
Just to see, that I’m dealin’ with a whole ‘nother devil
Whatever last, smoke buddah, make more Gouda cheese
My whip European but the kid Sudanese
Got a laundry list of niggas with the list of they needs
Them cats is prone to actin’ phony
Get no actions ask the homies, you ain’t know?
We miles ahead, the matrimony’s dead
No time for fakes, my niggas make mistakes
Heard it all, the commentary’s dead
They go to state, don’t get no GPAs
Got TTAs, the commissary’s fed
I pray to God, I call in my request, I tell Him my regrets
I tell nobody else how it feels, I cannot share the stress I’m feeling

Computer Hope

I tell nobody else how it feels
I cannot share the stress I’m feeling

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