50 Cent to Safaree “What the hell is extremely going on”

Nicki Minaj and her previous sweetheart, Safaree "SB" Samuels
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Nicki Minaj and her previous sweetheart, Safaree “SB” Samuels, got into a warmed fight on Twitter as the two traded a few shots at each other about their relationship. Safaree blamed Nicki for strike and cutting him, which he needed to lie about at an opportunity to spare her picture and career, before Nicki applauded back and broiled Safaree getting hair implants to fix his hairline and using her had earn cash.

50 Cent to Safaree “What the hell is extremely going on”

“I should’ve never paid for that Damn hairline!!!! It fell pull out cuz God don’t care for ugly!!!! You used me however God had other plans!!!!!” she tweeted out.”

Well not long after the series of tweets, a photograph surfaced online of Saferee before the hair embeds and indicates him at the specialists with a marker following out what will be his new hairline. It’s really entertaining and humiliating pic all in the meantime, and now 50 Cent got his hand on it and is broiling SB on IG.

Minutes back, Fif shared a pic of Safaree’s hairline, while chuckling at him and making the inquiry, “😆hahahahaha what the hell is extremely going on get the lash #lecheminduroi,” he advised the post.

At that point not long after broiling Safaree, Fif shared another post, advancing his hit demonstrate “Power” while saying “Nicki ought to be tryna assist Ghost with the Queens kid venture,” which in the event that you watch the show you know is named after Ghost’s expired girl Raina.

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